Jennifer Blake: Project Life 2014: January

Project Life 2014: January

February 4, 2014

I am loving Project Life and starting over for 2014 was a great feeling. I am proud of myself for continuing with the project for all of 2013! 

I am still doing weekly spreads, but I will only be sharing once every month all the layouts done for the month. This allows me more time to complete spreads and less pressure to get posts done every week for it. 

My cover page...
January 1-5:
What happened this week? We had not yet started clinicals, we were still enjoying our winter break and getting the rest of the apartment in order. We met friends and explored the Portsmouth Brewery, which was awesome. We took many trips downtown for coffee and popovers. We froze to death at Fenway watching Merrimacks hockey team take on Providence. It was a fabulous week!

January 6-12:
What happened this week?  Clinicals started which meant getting into a new routine. It was not an easy adjustment, we had early mornings and early nights. We both were exhausted all week and had trouble finding time for everything we wanted to get done. I started training this week for my marathon in the fall and I am excited to get back on the exercise bandwagon.

January 13-19
What happened this week? I came down with the stomach and flu and was completely overwhelmed by clinical this week. I seriously am struggling to adapt to this whole full time work thing. My car also had trouble this week which made the weeknights even longer, when I wanted to just get home after work, I seemed to always have something stopping me this week. We tried to make more time for each other this week with coffee dates and endless TV watching of Parks and Rec.

January 20-27
What happened this week? We are finally starting to get into a routine which got mixed up again this week! The new movie theater in Portsmouth opened this week and I accepted a part time manager position to help them get on their feet. This will be the third theater for this company that I have opened and worked for! I don't plan on being there too long, but the extra cash is nice. I worked Wednesday night, we attended the grand opening party Thursday night and I worked Friday and Saturday. I am down to having just Sundays off until I am no longer the theater, which has meant really long days and a very sleep deprived girl.

Are you doing project life this year? I am always looking for inspiration and other people to follow along with!

Leave a comment below if you are taking part this year!


  1. Looks great! What kit are you using? I am hoping to start a baby book and maybe even a 2014 book, soon!

  2. Love this!! It looks so good so far :)

  3. This is really cool. Is this just a scrapbooking kit or something you've designed yourself? I love it!

  4. This is such a fun idea. I have created a scrapbook for my wedding (bridal shower, honeymoon, bachelorette party festivites) but its basically just pictures and stickers. This is much deeper than that. A great tool to have to look back on and remember the memories!

  5. I adore project life, I call it scrapbooking for busy people! It can really be as decorated and detailed as you want to make it. The memories are so great to look back on.

  6. Yep! You can order it on Amazon or at Michaels or AC Moore, check out Becky Higgins Blog, she is the creator.

  7. I am mixing between Sunshine kit and Midnight kit! They go so great together.


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