Jennifer Blake: The Beginning: An Apartment Tour

The Beginning: An Apartment Tour

February 25, 2014

I thought that I would do a quick video of our apartment so you could see what it looks like right now. I won't lie the video is shaky and poorly lighted, but I wanted to do it now before we really start decorating and changing each room little by little. So this is the "what it looks like now" video and once we figure out each room I will do a "what it looks like after we plan and decorate".

We have a few decorations up, but we are hoping to get some new furniture and some rugs, along with getting the rest of the walls decorated. I hope to do a picture wall in the hallway going up the stairs!
We moved in the middle of December and we JUST hung pictures last weekend...slow progress, but we're getting there.



  1. Every time I try to click the link it says "This video is private".... :(

  2. Ahh I forgot it was private haha it SHOULD be working now...hopefully.

  3. Finally watched the video, love your apartment!! :)

  4. Thanks lady! It is a slow work in progress haha


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