Jennifer Blake: Today


February 5, 2014

Today I get to write a post in real time, not a scheduled post.

Today I get to curl up under blankets and read until my eyes get too heavy.

Today  I get to watch the snow fall to the ground and turn everything outside into a magical white wonderland.

Today I get to slow down.

Today I get to catch up on some blog reading and maybe stumble across some new ones.

Today I get to scroll through Instagram as much as my little heart desires.

Today I get to sip my coffee slowly and have no sense of urgency with anything I do.

Today I get to choose or not choose to tackle things on my to-do list.

Today  I get a snow day & I couldn't be more happy.

Today  I hope you slow down & treasure the moment.


  1. Well this sounds just delightful. Good for you. Sip that coffee and read those blogs!

  2. Woooo hoooo!!!! Me too!!!!

  3. Found you through the lovely Travel Babbles. Loved this post- so simple, yet so awesome! Hope you enjoyed your "today"!!

  4. I'm so very jealous of you! I hope you've had a marvelous day!

  5. It was such a needed mental health day, I literally treasured every minute!

  6. I absolutely enjoyed today, thank you so much for coming by to read! xo

  7. Very delightful indeed, loved every second. xo


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