Jennifer Blake: 12 weeks gone. 12 more to go.

12 weeks gone. 12 more to go.

March 31, 2014

12 weeks have come and gone. I wrapped up my last day of my pediatric clinical on Friday and I start my next rotation today, 12 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. Have I ever mentioned my phobia of nursing homes? It should be an interesting 12 weeks for me. The biggest thing that will get me through is that at the end of these 12 weeks I am done, like actually done my graduate degree. I will be working part time in the summer for some extra cash and studying my butt off for my board exams. I can see the light at the end!

The last 12 weeks were crazy busy, but I loved working in the elementary school with the kids. It was such a rewarding, fun, and exhausting experience. I know for sure now that I want to work in pediatrics once I get licensed, I have never been more sure. I learned many valuable lessons in these past 12 weeks, but the two biggest lessons were:

1. Learning to be flexible. Newsflash guys, I am not the most flexible person. I like to have a plan and I like the plan to go accordingly, that is my type A personality shining through. Working with kids showed me how almost nothing goes according to plan, and you have to be willing to go with the flow and think on your feet! Definitely a skill I got better at as the 12 weeks went by.

2. Kids need stability and guidance. The kids I work with need structure, they need direction and they need you to be on their side. There were days where I felt like I got nothing accomplished during a therapy session, but looking back I realized that even if we didn't finish all the stuff I planned for, we still accomplished some of it and that is what matters. It doesn't matter how much you get through, but that you help them feel successful in even the smallest task. Which I feel like I succeeded at during every session.

I will miss the hugs. I will miss the giggles and smiles. I will miss coming home with marker all over me and paint on my pants. I will miss seeing them in the hall and saying good morning. I will forever be grateful for the experiences I had over the last 12 weeks, and I am trying to stay open minded and positive about my new clinical. I am sure I will learn some valuable lessons.

Here's to the next 12 weeks of new experiences!

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