Jennifer Blake: Thoughts on the March #12x30challenge

Thoughts on the March #12x30challenge

March 17, 2014

If you have not checked out the #12x30challenge yet, check out this post or stop over at Travel-Babbles for more posts!

February we tackled no spending, other than on necessities and it was HARD, but not as hard as this months cooking every night challenge. I could sit here and tell you that Aaron and I have cooked every night, but I haven't, we have eaten out a few times. Although we are cooking way more meals, packing lunch every day and have really cut back on the amount we eat out, it has not been an every night thing.

My biggest struggle?
Not wanting to cook when I get home from work because of pure tiredness (some days just plain laziness). The days that are long and exhausting I end up having no interest to cook. So we either get take out, go out, or eat cereal. Thats real life people.

My biggest success so far? 
Planning. I find that the days we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all at home are the days I plan out. I have had huge success with planning on Sunday mornings, shopping for the week Sunday afternoon, and prepping food for the week Sunday night. The more I plan  and the prep the more we end up eating in that week.

I am going to make a huge effort to stick with this challenge for the rest of the month.

Are you joining us? Have you had success so far?


  1. It is sooo hard to cook everynight. I'm finding myself preparing large meals on Sunday that can last til mid week and then I cave towards the end of the week. But hey, even a little money saved is a success. I'm loving this challenge- thanks!

  2. This would be so hard for me! We seriously order pizza once a week for "Family Nights" and I just look forward to not having to cook too much one night a week to give that up!! Although having that $100 each month to use towards other things might be nice!


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