Jennifer Blake: Currently: April

Currently: April

April 7, 2014

thrilled I got to go for a walk by the water yesterday (see above picture!)

watching the Newsroom and loving everything about it. 

loving the SUNSHINE, it may not be that warm yet, but the sun makes me a happy girl.

appreciating the change of season.

hunting for a new purse, something durable and big preferably. 

feeling happy. Sunshine, windows down, music blaring. All good things.

dreaming of June 20th.

laughing at all of the funny pins on Pinterest, I actually had time to pin things yesterday!

thinking about how I need to study for my boards!

planning so many fun things for summer!

anticipating the weekend...already.

working on my upcoming Etsy shop!

hoping the temperature warms up and the sunshine never goes away.

listening to Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Eric Church...anything else country because that is what the sunshine does to me! 

eating TOO MUCH sugar. Today I change that.

enjoying ice coffee season.

wanting on some new shoes to come in the mail! 

cultivating a clean and fun space to craft in.

crying over how much I miss my kiddos from my last clinical site.

simplifying everything. Spring makes me want to get rid of random stuff and start fresh.

wishing you a happy happy Monday. 



  1. Sunshine + Country music = VERY VERY happy Diane!
    Have you heard "I'm just a Summer Girl" by Jessica Andrews? It's my jam in the sunshine. <3

  2. Look up Liebeskind bags on ShopBop!


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