Jennifer Blake: 24 Favorite Things

24 Favorite Things

May 26, 2014

Tomorrow I turn 25, a quarter of a century. I am welcoming 25 with no expectations and open arms. I thought I would share 24 things that made 24 great. 

Moving// Getting out of Worcester and moving to the best little coastal town in NH was definitely at the top of my list.

Graduating// Finishing classes and graduating with my masters degree in occupational therapy was certainly a highlight, the end is near. 4 more weeks of clinical and then my board exams.

Running// Moving means a safer area to run in, and I live in a great running community. I have loved lacing my sneakers up and relieving some stress.

Creating// I worked hard on my blog this year and even though life has been busy lately I am starting to get my motivation and inspiration back.

Parks and Rec// I cannot get enough of Ron, April or Leslie.

Carry On Warrior// The book by Glennon Doyle was a favorite this year. So full of inspiration.

Friends// Being back in NH has brought me back towards family and friends, which has been so wonderful.

Coffee// I think my love for coffee tripled this year, I love it.

Style// I finally feel like I found a comfortable style that screams 'me' and it feels good to know what I like.

Instagram// I fully jumped on the band wagon a long time ago, but I found myself falling more in love with it this year. I love capturing small moments of time.

Simplified Planner// I love all of Emily Ley's products, but her simplified planner changed my love for planners, it is a whole new level of love.

Le Pen// My go to pen this year, love them.

The Maltais Wedding// Seeing two people I love so much get married was definitely a moment of greatness.

NY trip// It went by fast, but we packed so much into 2 days and I loved every second of it.

The Ocean// We moved 10 minutes from the ocean, it is my favorite.

Peonies// They make me so happy.

Montreal// How beautiful it was. A quick summer trip last summer, but definitely on the to do list again.

Aaron Graduation// I am so proud of him, it was a long hall and the end is near.

Vinyl//  I have loved finding new and old records to play, they make the music so much sweeter.

30 days of letters// One of the best projects I tackled this year.

Blue Sour Patch Kids// Genius.

Christmas photos//  I had so much fun doing a photo shoot this year with the very talented Alysia.

Gas Light Buffalo Chicken Wraps// The best wrap and the best fries in our new hometown.

Lucy Hale//  I love her music, I am excited for her new album release.

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