Jennifer Blake: Market Square 10k

Market Square 10k

June 16, 2014

Running has been a up and down journey for me and it has never come easy. I am not one of those people that can not do anything for a year and then go run a 5k with no problems. I have had to work to increase my mileage and it is a slow slow process! Since moving to Portsmouth I have really gotten back into running, I love the mental clarity of a long run and the feeling I get when I finish a race.

On Saturday I ran a 10k and it was hard. 6.1 miles seems way longer when it is humid outside. There were 2200 racers, so it was not a race to try and get a PR because it was impossible to break away from everyone. For me it is not about my time (although I do hope to get faster) but more about the feeling of accomplishment I get from crossing that finish line. I am hoping to get a few more half marathons under my belt and tackle a marathon. If my knees and feet can stop causing problems, I see myself being a runner for life.

Do you run? Do you find it hard to build endurance and mileage?

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  1. It's always reassuring to hear that running is still hard even for people who know what they're doing! I ran a 5k in May and am working towards a 10k now. Some days I feel great and others it's a struggle the whole damn time.


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