Jennifer Blake: a sunrise to remember

a sunrise to remember

July 8, 2014

Life has been all kinds of crazy lately and not the good kind of crazy. So when Aaron woke me up at 4:30am Monday morning I was a little cranky to say the least. I haven't been sleeping well and I cherish my sleep, so I immediately go into crank mode if someone wakes me up before my alarm tells me I need to get up. Well he told me to get dressed and I almost willingly obliged. I threw on comfy clothes and we headed for the car with the camera in tow. Aaron decided it would be a good day to drive to the beach and watch the sunrise. This is one of the best parts about where we live, the beach is 10 minutes away, and not just one beach, but a lot of beaches! We clearly were not the only ones with this plan, there were a few other cars parked along pull off spots by the rocks watching too. 

It was peaceful & beautiful. My crankiness immediately turned to happiness and thankfulness that we live in such a beautiful place and that my husband is so loving.

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