Jennifer Blake: A Tour Guide of Portsmouth, NH: Kaffee Vonsolln

A Tour Guide of Portsmouth, NH: Kaffee Vonsolln

July 17, 2014

Aaron and I moved to Portsmouth in mid December and we have absolutely loved it. We live close enough to walk downtown, which is awesome. We live close enough to wake up at 4:30am and watch the sunrise at the ocean, which is awesome. We live close to our family, which is awesome.

Portsmouth really is just plain awesome. We continue to find hidden gems around downtown and we are trying hard to break out of our 'normal go-to places'.  I have had this idea of a 'tour guide' of Portsmouth for a while now. If you even come to NH and visit Portsmouth this will (hopefully!) give you some places to check out, because there is so much to do when you visit!

Today's featured spot is Kaffee Vonsolln, a small German coffee shop on 79 Daniel street in downtown.

The atmosphere is very comfortable inside and staff was friendly and welcoming. The big windows in front open all the way, which allows for a nice breeze and natural light to shine in. I had their medium roast ice coffee and Aaron tried their iced vanilla latte, both we thought were delicious. We also decided to split a breakfast sandwich and when we finished we both wish we had gotten our own!

I would highly recommend checking them out if you find yourself downtown and needing a pick me up!

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  1. That bagel sandwich! Only an hour after I had breakfast, and now I'm hungry again. :)

    This looks like one of those adorable small town coffee shops that's full of character and friendly faces. It reminds me of a coffee shop I love here in MN, but it's 40 minutes away from where I live. :( If I ever find myself in your city, I'll definitely be stopping by this gem!


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