Jennifer Blake: bits & pieces of lately

bits & pieces of lately

September 19, 2014

This week was supposed to be a recovery week after a long weekend of RTB, it turned into more of a busy but fun week! I have signed up to take my board exam again which feels pretty good to get out of the way. The fall temperatures this week have been welcomed as well, puffy vests & riding boots for the win!

I also fulfilled two dreams of mine...

First, I got to meet Luke Bryan! Yep, I'm a country girl...but I also love pretty much any kind of music. One of my good friends was able to score us meet and greet passes before the concert so I was able to meet him and Lee Brice!!! I was pretty much speechless.

Second, I fed a GIRAFFE! I went to the Rochester fair with a friend and they had a giraffe you could feed!! I felt terrible for the animals that they had in cages there, I feel like they don't deserve or belong at the fair, but I still fed the poor guy. Giraffes are my all time favorite animal, I could spend hours at the zoo just looking at them, but to feed one! So. Cool.

Yesterday we went to a local farm and picked a small bag of apples. It is such a nice feeling to be able to go to a family run farm, when we lived in MA last year, the farms all felt so big business and the amount of people that were there last year was just insane. We plan to go a few more times so we didn't pick to much. It was perfect weather and almost no one there since it was a middle of a Thursday!

This weekend I am working, but looking forward to Sunday when I can relax and watch some football!

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