Jennifer Blake: the truth about running

the truth about running

September 10, 2014

I have been running on and off now for a few years. I wish I could say that I am an all seasons runner, but lets be real, when the temperatures drop and the snow hits the ground I tend to burrow on the couch in a blanket. Once spring rolls around I dust the cobwebs off my shoes and get back at it (I am hoping this year will be different, but only time will tell). I trained for a 10k in the spring, then I worked at decreasing my time for another 10k this summer and now I am training for a half marathon.

Running isn't easy. It does get easier the more you train and stick with it, but for me it is such an up and down kind of thing. For example, I can run 5-6 miles pretty easily, but last Saturday it felt like torture, it was painful, tiring, and just not fun. Then last night I did a hill workout, I ran just over 5 miles up and down two big hills, over and over. Was it hard? You bet it was, by the time I was on my last set of hills my legs felt like lead, but I still felt better then I did on Saturday.

I run because it helps me clear my mind and because I need to do something other than sit and eat ice cream all day. Maybe one day it will feel like a piece of cake to run longer distances, but for now I'll push through and build up endurance.

I am running reach the beach this weekend, should be a fun and exhausting time! Any other reach the beach people out there?!

Does running come easy to you? Or are you training for anything currently?

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  1. I'm training for a half marathon, and some days are better than others. Some runs are great and I feel like I can PR this race, but some days I just want the run to end. But I know the only way I will get better is to keep going! (And I promise myself good food after I fninsh!)


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