Jennifer Blake: these moments pass

these moments pass

September 24, 2014

Lately the words haven't flowed, the content hasn't come easy, and the days of writing have been so very sporadic. Life has felt unsettled lately and the passion just hasn't been there. I can honestly say that if you had talked to me a year ago I would have told you that by now I would have passed my boards, by now I would have had a full time job in the field I went to school in and by now I would have had the possibility of house buying on the radar. Life tends to not go as planned and this seems to be one of those phases for us where we are in limbo. Studying and waiting, just trying to make it through until we can both find work...unsettled. Sometimes I just lay awake at night thinking about what I can do to make our life feel more secure, settled and together. What I have come to realize is that the more we lean into the unsettledness of life right now the easier it is to handle and the way we choose to handle it says a lot about us. We can choose to be unhappy that we are not where we want to be, we can resent each other or get mad and yell. We can think about the what ifs and the whys of it all, but where would that get us?
So we are choosing to accept. To lean in. To take each other by the hand and make it through this phase of our life. The good thing about time and moments and phases is that at some point they pass. One day, probably when we leas accept it we will be through it and stronger because of it. One day house buying will be on the radar, but for now we are enjoying carefree apartment living. One day I will pass my boards and I will find a job that I love. One day. But today, we make the most of these moments of crazy and unsettled.

Just remember, if you are going through something, it will pass. Probably when you least expect it, but it will. Try to learn something from it and stay positive because thats all you can do. One day at a time, you will make it through.



  1. I've been telling myself these same things as we deal with something very personal and emotionally tough....sometimes consciously putting on a smile does such a world of good. Choosing peace isn't easy but it's the only way. Hoping things begin to settle for you soon and that in the meantime, you keep being brave! :)

  2. I'm so sad to know you're in this that I'm just now on the horizon of leaving. The last two years have been exactly as you describe. It was rough, ugly, unsettling, and most of all - limbo in the worst way. Know that you will get to where you want to be. You will! Keep you head up and your heart happy :)

  3. Thank you. Thank you for being so honest with your blog posts. This one was so well-timed, I desperately needed it.

  4. I am glad it came at the right time! xox

  5. Thank you! I am so happy you are leaving it. xox

  6. Consciously putting a smile can be hard, but you are so right it does a world of good! Thinking of you! xox


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