Jennifer Blake: a massive project life update

a massive project life update

October 29, 2014

Remember that time I started Project Life and was so excited to share weekly with you? Well, life took over and time flew by and before I knew it I was months and months behind, the more behind I got the more daunting it felt to play catch up.

Well, I am caught up finally and I thought I would share! Major credit if you make it through all the pictures I am about to share. First though there is something I should mention... I started out doing weekly spreads, but when I fell behind it was much easier to go back and make monthly spreads. So 2014 will be all monthly spreads. It was actually kind of fun and less restricting doing it monthly. I was able to play around more with the layouts and really focus on whatever moments I wanted, there was no pressure to document every single moment. 

Since I don't want to completely overwhelm you I am only sharing February-August and next week you can see my favorite fall layouts for September and October. If you missed January or the cover page check them out HERE and HERE

February was spent mostly studying and Aaron and I both were half way through our first clinical. We still had a lot of snow, but made a point to walk into town as much as we could for coffee and popover dates! We celebrated Valentines day with homemade gifts and a nice dinner out. We also hosted a game night with a bunch of college friends! I decided to include one of my favorite blog posts for the month too, that Aaron wrote.
Products used: This month was a mix of old PL cards from the sea foam kit and new ones from the midnight kit, plus a few from Studio Calico kits. The embellishments are all from past SC kits and Freckled Fawn kits.

March: I included my March Currently post in this layout because it gave such a good wrap up of the month with how we were feeling and what we were doing. We were binge watching Parks and Recreation this month so I included one of my favorite Leslie Knope quotes as well. March was the end of my first clinical and the start of my second, so by the end of March we were trying to find a new routine with our schedules. I tried really hard to get back into daily yoga, but it didn't seem to last too long! March was all about find a work/clinical/friend/life balance. 
Products Used: Washi tape from Gus and Ruby (favorite store in Portsmouth), PL cards from Midnight kit and paper scraps from Seafoam kit. Embellishments from Freckled Fawn kit. I am really loving the midnight core kit!

April: It finally started to warm up in April! We live so close to the beach now that it was awesome to make our first trip there to walk around. The weather was a tad chilly but the views were gorgeous and so relaxing. We also went to our first Revolution soccer game for the season, they won which made it even better! I started getting back into running once the snow melted down and I did the Color Run in Manchester with some friends, we walked it, but it was such a good way to get those sneakers laced up again! April was filled with walks around town and around Target, the perfect ways to de-stress after a long day at the nursing home!
Products used: All the PL cards are from the midnight kit or old SC kits. The wood chips and stickers are from a pas Freckled Fawn embellishment kit. 

May: May was the biggest layout so far! So many fun things happened in May. Aaron and I both graduated, me with my masters in Occupational Therapy and him with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. We both celebrated turning 25 and being almost done with clinical! I took a weekend long yoga teacher training for children with one my best friends and was lucky enough to be there to celebrate her birthday that weekend! I started training for Market Square 10k and met some awesome people in my running group! The weather was finally warm for good! I went home to celebrate mothers day and had the best day relaxing with my mom! We went hiking with Aaron and his mom/ brothers for mothers day, such a beautiful mountain and day it ended up being. 
Products Used: All the cards are from past SC kits and the midnight kit or the sunshine core kit. I bought both kits to use in 2014 but I see myself leaning more towards the neutrals in the midnight kit. I love the sunshine kit, it is so bright so sometimes I find it hard to make a cohesive look with so much going on, I have been trying to sprinkle cards in here and there though. The "On This Day" wood chip is my favorite, that came in a Freckled Fawn kit. Most of the embellishments this month are from Michaels or Freckled Fawn. I needed to fill the back of a page so I used some of my favorite paper and a highlighter to highlight some sayings on it, I really loved how it turned out. 

June: Summer is in full swing! Sunshine and warm weather every day, it is the best. I finished clinical this month, so it really felt like summer break towards the end of the month. It was hard to believe this was the last summer break I would ever have, I mean I was working part time, but I still had so much free time! I started really studying for the NBCOT exam and scheduled to take it at the end of August. I had the pleasure of taking engagement pictures for Nicole and Rob this month, it was so much fun to be able to do some pictures for them. Orange is the New Black season 2 was released on Netflix this month, and I binged watched the entire season in about 2 weeks, it was good people. June was filled with golf, eating lots of ice cream & popsicles, friends, and the beach! 
Products Used: Sunshine core kit and seasons mini kit (from Michaels.) Some old SC cards and some from the midnight core kit. I am loving the square pocket pages and playing around with different layouts. The Hello wood chip is from a past kit I had and I love the way it looks with June written out on Washi Tape. 

July: The summer seemed to fly by. July came and went in the blink of an eye. We explored a few local spots like Tender Crop farm, a small local German coffee shop and a few other areas around Portsmouth/Dover. I ran the York 5k with my dad and the Dirty Girl run with my step-mom and one of my best friends. The mud run was an interesting and fun experience, the team aspect was really awesome to be a part of. I was finding mud in places I didn't even know existed for days though. I tried to keep my focus with studying for the NBCOT and my study buddy Claire and I drank copious amounts of coffee at the White Heron while we studied. We had the opportunity to see The Lone Bellow up close and personal in downtown Portsmouth which was an amazing show. The girls and I threw Nicole a surprise bridal shower this month too, which was so much fun!
Products Used: The sunshine core kit and seasons mini kit were both mainly used with this layout. I tried to include more stamps, mostly from past SC kits or from Elise Cripe (when she was selling them). Cork stickers are from Michaels. 

August: August brought a lot of stress. I took my NBCOT exam this month, Aaron finished clinical and stared to study for his PT board exams and I continued to pick up extra hours at work! We tried to find a happy balance of studying/enjoying the month. I laced up my sneakers and ran Saunders 10k in my best time ever, which I was pretty proud of. I went golfing a few times with friends and I am pretty sure my game just got worse each time. At the end of August Aaron and I went to see Lady Antebellum with my dad and kathy, such a good show! August also brought a wedding! Nicole and Rob tied the knot in early August up in North Conway and it was so wonderful to be part of their special day!
Products Used: The gold foil kit from Becky Higgins and Heidi that you can get at Michaels was a big part of this layout. I also used some sunshine core kit cards and a few past SC kit cards. My favorite card it the on that says "a beautiful thing is never perfect". So much love in this layout. 

So you made it to the end? I applaud you. I hereby make a promise to you and to myself to never fall this far behind again, I find it way more enjoyable when I don't have to think back months and months to remember what happened. 

Happy Wednesday, friend. 

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