Jennifer Blake: why I love blogging & a life update

why I love blogging & a life update

November 14, 2014

Blogging lately has been a struggle. I've been enjoying my time with Aaron, my family, and my friends that it just has not been a top priority. I miss it & this morning it kind of hit me. This whole blogging thing, people don't tend to get it, but this morning I found that spark I have needed these past couple months, the spark that gets me back to this space, the spark that gets the words out of my head and into their own little space. So why do I love it so much? Because its such a great memory keeping tool. This morning I went back to this time last year, I wanted to remember how I felt around November 14th last year & I wanted to know what we were doing around this time last year. 

Was I not adjusting to the time change? Because I certainly am not this year.

Did I feel sad that the holidays were approaching and I felt like it was all passing by too fast? Because we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet this year and I feel like life is so busy its hard to soak in the magic and goodness of this season. 

Were we packing to move? Or had we not decided on an apartment yet? Because right now our lease is up at the end of the month and we haven't started packing.

I love being able to look back, I love reading about the moments big and small. My favorite are the real life moments that I wrote strait from the heart. I blog as a creative outlet & as a way to remember the good and the bad. 

So what does life look like right now? 

It looks like a chaotic mess. 
We didn't resign our lease and it ends at the end of this month. We are currently working on a plan for our living situation.
We also are both working crazy hours and job hunting at the same time. We should be packing, but I seriously have no motivation for it. 
We are listening to Christmas music and enjoying every second of it. 
We are soaking in our last few week in Portsmouth, we love it and I am SO sad to be leaving. 
We are hoping 2015 brings jobs we love, a home we love, and the ability to settle down for more than a year in some place. 

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