Jennifer Blake: 5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget

5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget

December 12, 2014

Christmas is my most favorite holiday. I tend to love the season more than the actual day. This season always feels so magical and full of promise. Aaron and I are both currently job hunting and with money being tight, we wanted to try to decorate on a budget, as well as with a handmade touch!

1. Garland
Garland is so simple and cheap to make, it can be used in so many different ways to spice up your home for the holidays. I went to Michaels with a coupon and was able to get a bunch of red, green and white felt for next to nothing. I put on one of my favorite Christmas movies, made some hot chocolate and cut strips of felt, which I then simply tied around a piece of yarn to make a garland runner for the dining room table.

2. Use those holiday cards you get! 
Giving and receiving holiday cards are probably one of my favorite things about the season. I have a tough time every year picking one out and this year was no different. I order our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints this year and it took me about a week to narrow down my choice and finally pick one. Their selection is just beautiful and adorable. I am so happy with how they came out. But what do I do with all of my holiday cards? Well normally I just put them on the fridge but I felt like it was time to get a little more creative and display all the wonderful cards (including our own!)
I made a card wreath and I originally had it on the wall, but it looks so much better as a centerpiece at our table. Now everyone can admire the cards!
Can you find our Christmas card from Tiny Prints in there?!
All you need is some double sided tape and the cards you received in the mail! The best part is you can make it as small or as big as you want depending on the amount of cards you have received.

3. Candles
Nothing says warm and cozy like candles. This is probably my favorite winter/holiday decor because you get both a nice scent and that warm glow in the house. We have candles EVERYWHERE, seriously I have a bad candle addiction. You can get candles almost anywhere and dress them up for the holidays with a cute topper or simply put a holiday colored candle in a simple glass holder to add some color. We have an adorable topper on the kitchen table and my favorite silver reindeer holder on the dining room table.

4. Candy
Holiday candy and cookies, is there anything better? I could eat anything peppermint for days and peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kisses in the middle, those are my most favorite. Why not pick up a festive bowl to throw some of that candy in, it adds such a nice festive touch to any table.
5. Decorate the door
Wreaths are such wonderful decorations for the season. If you are looking for something you could use year after year, rather than forking out money for one each year, why not make your own! I used some yarn, a foam core, a sparkly bow and some sequined balls for this one. Simple wrap the yarn around the foam and use some hot glue to decorate it! Simple and wallet friendly. Plus, you can just pack it away and take it out again next year!
I feel like the season is flying by, I am doing my best to soak up every single day and cherish this time. Have you decorated for the holidays yet?

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