Jennifer Blake: Currently: January

Currently: January

January 16, 2015

Reading >> Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So good you guys, but super sad. Grab a few boxes of tissues if you pick this one up.

Watching >> The Office. This is my fourth time trying to watch it, and I am totally hooked this time. I love Pam and Jim, Angela makes me laugh, and how can you not LOVE Kevin. Michael certainly adds a dimension to the show, but slightly annoys me. He is supposed to annoy you right? 

Anticipating >> The weekend. This week has been long, intense and totally overwhelming. I am in much need of a break. 

Listening >> To Serial the podcast and different mood playlists on Spotify. I am in much need of some new podcasts and music to listen to, any suggestions?? My car ride is so long, I need something to keep me occupied. 

Eating >> Not healthy. I am really trying to work on nourishing myself better in all areas, remember my one little word? Well, traveling for work makes it kind of hard to eat healthy, I need to get better! 

Wanting >> To make a quilt. I am going to start planning one this weekend, I really want to make one for our bed! 

Working on >> Writing blog posts on the weekend so I can schedule them for the week. There is just not enough time in the day!

Loving >> Coming home to puppy cuddles and cozying up with Aaron when we go to bed, these cold temperatures are perfect for cozying up under millions of blankets. 

What are you currently up to! Link up in the comments and I'd love to stop by and see or leave just leave a sweet message below! 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful nutritious and delicious breakfast. Books on disk are also a great way to make the car ride go quicker. Stop at the library and check out their CD selections.


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