Jennifer Blake: the work/life balance battle

the work/life balance battle

January 29, 2015

Now that I am working full time Monday thru Friday the juggle of work and life outside work has become a sometimes winning sometimes losing battle. I definitely haven't figured out a perfect balance and I am not sure I will, because I kind of think finding that perfect balance is impossible. The overall goal for me is to have an ever changing a balance, there are days where work trumps all, but I make sure the next day I make extra time for whatever was neglected the day before. A constant moving scale of balance.

Here are a few things that have helped level out the scale on a day to day basis...

The blog >>  
Scheduling ahead of time. This is something that takes getting used to, heck I am still pretty terrible but I am really working hard at getting better, because it helps SO much. I try to block out a chunk of time on the weekend where I crank out posts for the week. This clears up valuable time during the week and allows space for other things. I can't schedule more then a week out, it just doesn't work for me. A week seems to be my max. I am also one of those people that likes to write what comes to mind some days, so I either throw up a second post for the day if I really have the urge to write or I find gaps in content for the following week and save it for then.

Relationships >> 
I am a person that needs to have friend time and family time. Aaron and I do our best to have at least one date night each week, we tend to try to get out of the house but sometimes it consists of drinks and a game night at home. Having at least one date night allows for us to make sure we are spending time together and not getting caught up in everything else going on. We also try to spend a chunk of our weekends together, even if it includes running errands. As for friends and family, I try to schedule at least one day or night during the week to catch up with a friend or hang out with family, mostly for my own mental sanity.

Work >>
My work can kind of be all over the place, I have an office to check in at but I travel around to different areas during the day to work with kids so the hours are varying, technically I work 8-4 but this seems to rarely happen. I am hoping as I get more comfortable with the job I can keep my work between these hours with the occasional paperwork at home. If I do have to finish work at home, I try to do it right when I get home before Aaron gets home or before I get distracted by anything else. This allows me to work more efficiently and have time for other things during the evening.

Hobbies >>
This is the area that tends to get put on the back burner. I have a love of crafting and doing project life, but the whirlwind that life is tends to brush these aside. I am working really hard to start setting aside some time on the weekends and weeknights to work on projects, so far so good. I try to work on things in whatever room Aaron is on so that we can still talk and be together but we get time to do the things we love. My other favorite hobby is reading, I set a goal to read every day even if it is just a page, I am loving this goal and so far have been doing great! I normally set aside some time right before bed to read.

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