Jennifer Blake: One Little Word: February

One Little Word: February

February 12, 2015

At the start of 2015 I chose a word to carry me through the year, a word that meant something to me and a word that I wanted to make mean more in my life. 

I chose Nourish. 

I chose 4 all encompassing categories to focus on: self, work, relationships, and home. 

Here is a little February update:

Self // This is probably the category I need to focus more on. I definitely haven't been eating well and I can't say I have been taking care of myself great either, too much caffeine to get me through my days and too much processed foods. 

Work //  Starting a job is hard, but I think I am slowly starting to learn the ropes and really find my niche within my work. I love my kiddos and families but I need to accept the hard parts better. 

Relationships // This is the area that has been going the best, I have been making time for date nights and time with friends. I have also been over extending myself a bit, late nights every night make for a really cranky not pleasant version of myself. I need to find a better balance in this area. 

Home // We are still living in Bow with my mom which has been really nice, spending time with her and saving money has been great. We are apartment hunting, but taking our time to find something we love. I definitely miss having a place to call our own, but the break has been nice and we are grateful to be here. 

Did you chose a word for 2015?

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