Jennifer Blake: Workspace Wednesday: 5 iPhone apps that increase work flow

Workspace Wednesday: 5 iPhone apps that increase work flow

February 11, 2015

I am starting a new series on Wednesday and it will be as the post title says "Workday Wednesday" these posts will be focused on business, behind the scenes, current projects...etc. Anything pertaining to the 'work' of this blog.

To kick it off I thought I would start with a techy post:

5 apps that increase my work flow and help streamline my work and maximize my time

1 >> Microsoft OneNote
This powerful app allows me to keep ideas in one places, notes to myself and from others, and it can sync with OneNote on my computer as well. I love the ease and compatibility between each device, if you haven't tried it, go do it!

2 >> Pandora
Pandora helps me focus when my mind is off in 800 other areas. My go to station to help me focus is Explosions in the Sky. No words just awesome music relaxing music.

3 >> Mailbox 
I choose to use the Mailbox app over the normal mail app because I like the features it offers. Clean up is fast, just swipe the right to delete or archive, saving for thing for later is just as easy, swipe to the left to put it in a folder or have it come back to you at a different time. They are beta testing a desktop version too which I have been using and the compatibility between my phone and laptop is great so far.

4 >> Day One 
This is not a productivity app, but rather a tool I use to help me with Project Life and to keep a reminder of the day to day stuff we do. You snap a picture and then write a short caption, before you know it each day has something and it makes writing those blog post weekly reviews easier or can act as a reminder of the days events when you go back to scrapbook.

5 >> Teux Deux
The greatest to do list app out there. This is literally just a to do list app. You go on write down what you have to get done for the day and then cross it off when you finish it. The app also lets you create 'someday' lists or any other list you may need to write. I am still a paper planner kind of girl, but this is a quick reference guide to my to do list. The more places I have it written and the more reminders I leave myself the more likely I am to get it done.

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