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life right now

June 1, 2015

Top Row 
1 // A day spent with mom in the yard and saying cheers to all our hard work.
2 // Nothing better then a day spent reading in the sun with the pup
3 // 26! Aaron and I both celebrated our 26th birthday last week.
4 // Breaking new grounds is my favorite place to stop for coffee in Portsmouth.
Second Row
1 // Took some time off work and sleeping in was the best.
2 // A break in my work day means notes in Newburyport by the water.
3 // Woke up extra early to get donuts and coffee for Aaron.
4 // Nights spend around the fire with best friends is a summertime favorite.
Third Row
1 // Memorial Day celebrations
2 // Aaron surprised me with flowers after work one day, couldn't have been happier.
3 // We finally finished all seasons of The Office and I loved it so much more then I thought I would.
4 // A homemade cake is my favorite and it's even more special when we get to blow the candles out together.
Bottom Row
1 // A cake for Aaron
2 // A stroll by the water in Portsmouth
3 // Drinks with friends to celebrate my birthday!
4 // Being tourists in our own home town.

We have been having the most amazing weather lately until today. Now we have nothing but rain in the forecast for a while, it is definitely bringing down my mood, so hopefully mother nature will go back to bringing us the sunshine and warmth soon!!

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