Jennifer Blake: Work Space Wednesday: Planner Review

Work Space Wednesday: Planner Review

September 2, 2015

I have a problem when it comes to planners, I am addicted. Like completely addicted. Making lists is my go to for decreasing my stress. I love strolling the aisle at target where they have the notebooks and planners, I could search on Easy for days looking at all the handmade planners, and don't get me started on list making apps/planner apps. I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what I am using currently.

Get to Work Book // There was a lot of hype about this one and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon, but I am SO glad I did. There are definitely things I would change about it but overall it works great as a planner for my blog/work planner. There are spots for "action" to-do item, spots for lists, and project planning areas. There are also goal setting pages which are great. I love that the paper is thick enough to use sharpie on and not bleed through. I also really love the minimalist design with black and white inside and the chipboard letterpress cover. My biggest con is that the rings are a tad flimsy so my back cover falls off on some rings and the columns for lists inside are narrow which means I overflow into the next day sometime. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for an all-in-one goal setting planner.

Simplified Planner // I use the daily version of this and I love it. My favorite thing about this is the simplified nature and the dinner section. I find it helpful to write down what we are having because it helps me prepare for it/stick with it. There are lines for each time of the day where you can write what you are doing, as well as a section for to-do list items and a place for a weekly gratitude. I also really love the inspirational quotes for each day.

Simplified Planner App // This ties hand in hand with the Simplified Planner, I was super excited for this release but I have to say I do not use it very often. I am a paper girl and I have a hard time visually seeing what needs to get done unless I write it out and look at it constantly. I also love being able to pick up a pen and cross things off, to me its rewarding. This app has great features though and wonderful color schemes. There is a tab for dinners for the week which is super helpful and has a cohesive flow to it.

Moleskin Timepage // I bought this app randomly when the Simplified Planner app release kept getting bumped. I was eager for a planner app and the design of this one sucked me in. It has GREAT design qualities and is very simple to use. A pretty standard planner app but with class. The color scheme choices are nice, but they have less options then the Simplified planner app. It offers a glance at the day ahead, a timeline of all appointments and the weather.

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