Jennifer Blake: monday morning coffee

monday morning coffee

January 18, 2016

Happy Monday, friends.

I should probably start today off thanking Martin Luther King, Jr for the holiday and the chance to stay home another day.

If we sat down and had coffee today I would tell you this weekend was a good one. We did a whole lot of nothing, which is my favorite. We stayed home for the most part, ran a few errands, watched way too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory and watched football.

If you joined me on my couch for coffee today I would tell you that there are some changes going on over here and we are both pretty excited for them. Once I can share more I will.

I would tell you that 2016 is going to be about slowing down. I am finally understanding that it is okay to say no to things, and we shouldn't feel guilty for saying no.

I would tell you that I am secretly happy we got snow this weekend, it just didn't feel like New England winter without it, but don't ever tell my husband I said that out loud!

I would tell you that my 2015 Project Life scrapbook is FAR from done and the urge to start 2016 without finishing 2015 is strong. I might just do it.

I would tell you that I want nothing more then to grow in my photography this year. It makes me so happy to take pictures of such special moments for people.

I would tell you that I miss the community this blog used to have and I am really hoping to keep blogging and bring back that sense of community.

I would tell you one last thing before you head off to your busy day, I would tell you to look up at that stars tonight and remember all the magic that is in this world.


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