Jennifer Blake: weekend wrap-up

weekend wrap-up

February 8, 2016

This past weekend turned into a long weekend thanks to the snow. Snow is like a double edged sword, on one hand who doesn't love staying home and hiding inside all day but on the other hand I end up losing hours for work which have to be made up at some point. All in all I was grateful for the day of rest. Aaron was gone all weekend so I did a whole lot of nothing which was amazing. Friday I cleaned up around the apartment, went to the gym and had drinks with friends. Saturday I slept in, ran a few errands, and had a friend over that night. I watched WAY too much Grey's Anatomy, like way too much. I started watching from season 1 and I am completely sucked in, I have seen up to season 5 or 6 but then I gave up, now I am back to watch it all. Sunday, Aaron was finally home so we went grocery shopping and spent way to much time on the couch doing nothing. I watched about half of the Superbowl before running upstairs to watch Grey's in bed and fall asleep.
The most perfect weekend.

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