Jennifer Blake: 4 ways to make a rental feel like home

4 ways to make a rental feel like home

March 29, 2016

1. Statement pieces. There is something about big pieces of 'art' that take up a lot of room, for one it cuts down on having to buy things to decorate the wall and secondly, they look really great on white bare walls. Two of my most favorite pieces in our house are my metal ampersand and my Stendig calendar. The ampersand isn't huge, but it takes up a decent amount of space and certainly stands out. The calendar is HUGE and takes up half my office wall, but I absolutely love the black and white minimalist look to the calendar. 

2. Meaningful words. I am obsessed with typography and meaningful prints. There doesn't need to be a fancy frame, just grab some cute washi tape and print out words that mean something to you. I also love getting prints from local letterpress stores or this shop and this shop on Etsy. If the words have meaning to you, hang them up. 

3. Personalized prints. I have been married for 3 years. It took me 3 years to get wedding pictures printed. 3 years! I should have taken the time to do it earlier, but better late than never. Adding pictures of your family and your life to your apartment adds such a wonderful, homey, personalized feel. It wasn't until I hung our pictures up that this place truly felt like our own. A home to me will always be anywhere where my family is, but this little town house of ours feels full of love and life with pictures of us scattered around. Canvas prints and metal prints from Tiny Prints add an extra wonderful touch. I actually love the metal print the most, the printing is wonderful and I definitely plan on ordering more at some point and I have always had amazing lucky with Tiny Prints.

4. Small, but curated spaces. We have a lot of stuff scattered around our little home, but one of my favorite and most simple spots, is our bar. The liquor is tucked away, but a simple act of some paper straws in milk bottles, a cute print and some recipe books make this spot perfectly decorated and well loved.

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