Jennifer Blake: 27.


May 29, 2016

This past week was overwhelming and mentally exhausting. On Tuesday I said goodbye to the families that I have been working with at my job, for about a year and a half. I said goodbye to co-workers and my team. I am excited about working less hours, about getting more sleep, and about getting back to things I love to do, but it wasn't easy to say goodbye.

As I said goodbye to one chapter, I also said goodbye to 26. On Friday, I turned 27. I officially am in my late twenties, I am closer to 30 and happier than ever. I am starting 27 with a job I love, an apartment we have turned into a home and so much to look forward to. I have a few simple wishes for 27. 

>> I hope that I can find a better balance of work/life, I know this is everyones goal. I feel like I fell into a big rut last year of work, eat, sleep. I want to balance that better this year with work and all the things that I love to do (that took a back seat this past year). 

>> Better my photography skills and book a client or two. I love being behind my lens, I love capturing families and babies. I love seeing the look on someones face or the comment from them when they see their pictures. I would love to continue to grow this passion.

>> Take care of my body. I feel like I go through phases. I eat really well for a little while and then I eat like complete crap, it's a vicious cycle. Sometimes I go from the time I wake up until Dinner without eating anything, other days I snack I want to find a healthier balance. I am ALWAYS tired, I can't seem to find the culprit, but I am sure a more consistent, healthier, well-rounded diet and more sleep would help. 

>> Do something new. 

Those are my wishes for 27. 26, you were pretty wonderful, but 27 there is just something about you that I love already. 

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