Jennifer Blake: Weekend Tending

Weekend Tending

July 29, 2016

Weekend Reading...
Can you have a meaningful career and also make money? A great read for anyone, especially those in the therapy field.
Is achieving work-life balance possible? This article was absolutely wonderful.
7 Must read novels before "Adult"- I've read 4 of 7!

Weekend Viewing...
You guys the first official trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival is out, I slightly freaked out. Go watch it now.
I adore Matt Bellassai and this video was so great, I laughed a lot.
I watched this over and over, I was completely exhausted and laying in bed so maybe being overtired made it more hysterical, but you definitely should watch.
Also I am gearing up for the Summer Olympics, it is literally one of my most favorite things ever. So to get you excited watch my favorite person of all time do the best floor routine from London 2012!
Slam Poetry & Feminism, love this.

Weekend to-do...
Visit the museum of ice cream- umm yes please.
Prep for the week ahead for less stress with some cleaning and meal prep.
Go over a quick summary about the RNC and DNC now that they have officially wrapped-up!
Go for a run or a walk and soak up as much of this gorgeous summer weather as possible.
Add a little cuteness to your weekend...

If you missed it on the blog this week...
5 ways to turn Monday around >>
6 top picks for toddler books >>

 I am hoping the weekend is filled with few long naps & some drinks in the sun on the decks downtown!

What is on your weekend to-do list? 

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