Jennifer Blake: My favorite summer event- Rio 2016

My favorite summer event- Rio 2016

August 4, 2016

One of my most favorite things in the entire world is the summer Olympics and tomorrow is the opening ceremony in Rio! I am not a huge fan of the winter Olympics, but summer, summer has the best events. My absolute favorite to watch is gymnastics and the team is stacked this year. I loved the fierce 5 and couldn't be more excited that my all time favorite Aly Raisman is back on the team this year, but I am also really excited to see Laurie Hernandez compete. I also really like watching diving, swimming, Track & Field, Women's soccer, and Equestrian. I know the most about gymnastics and women's soccer because I tend to follow those more than others, but I am pretty excited! 
Women's Gymnastic Team 

Women's Swimming Team 

Emma Coburn (Steeplechase) 
I am excited for the opening ceremony tomorrow and hoping that between our fantasy football draft I will be able to watch most of it. With how popular snapchat is lately, I have been keeping up with Simone and Ashton Locklear and they are sharing so much of Rio which is making me almost feel like I am there (okay maybe not like I'm there, but close!).Lets go USA! Anyone else excited for the Olympics?!

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