Jennifer Blake: Post-Run Fuel Favorite

Post-Run Fuel Favorite

August 2, 2016

 I am in the middle or prepping for two big road races one in September and one in October, the first is Reach the Beach, a 200 mile relay race in 24 hours from the White Mountains in NH and ends on Hampton beach. We have a team of 12, we each run 3 legs of varying distance, starting Friday morning and ending Saturday afternoon (hopefully)! The second race is in the White Mountains- North Conway at the end of October. A half marathon (13.1 miles), full of beautiful foliage and a relatively flat course! I am definitely not where I want to be with my training, there is no excuse, I just have not been setting aside the time I should be. Well now that August is here I am determined to get back on track, start adding mileage and this time I am going to fuel my body the right way.
My current favorite post-run snack is a protein packed smoothie. I like strawberries, mango, peaches, spinach, a little greek yogurt for thickness, water and Arbonne vanilla protein powder. It is the absolute perfect snack after a run and I won't like I motivate myself to run by promising myself one of those depictions smoothies when I get back! I recently became hooked on Arbonne & this protein powder is just one of the reasons.

Want to know more about Arbonne? Email me! or go to Arbonne and use my ID (23058457) to order. 

Are you training for a race? 

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