Jennifer Blake: putting your work out there.

putting your work out there.

August 31, 2016

Besides my day job, I have a few side jobs I am trying to grow.  I am working hard at building my photography portfolio, I absolutely love doing family and newborn sessions, I love lifestyle shoots in natural light and natural settings. There is nothing I love more then getting invited into someones home to take pictures of every day events or running around outside snapping pictures of the kids playing. I also love styled shoots, give me a Christmas tree farm and some cute props and I could spend forever there taking pictures. For a few years I have been taking pictures mostly for friends and friends of friends for free, in order to build a base. Now after a couple of years I am finally putting my work out there. I am currently working on a new logo, I made a Facebook and Instagram page, and I am starting to charge a fee. 

Putting yourself out there and putting your work out there is terrifying. Completely. Utterly. Terrifying. A million questions ran through my head as soon as I hit publish on my first fall mini session post. Would people want pictures? Was I charging too much? Too little? What if no one books a session? What if people hate my photos? What if it rains? So. Many. Questions. 

But I did it anyways...sometimes you just have to face fear and step outside of your comfort zone. There are a lot of what-ifs and a big chance no one will want a session or maybe I will only book one, but I would have so much more regret if I didn't do it. In the end whatever happens I will be glad that I did it and I will grow from the experience. Remember to always keep growing and pushing beyond your limits. Chase your dreams even if you are terrified. 

And if you are in NH and want some fall pictures touch base with me! 

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