Jennifer Blake: Game Night & Favorite Pasta Recipe!

Game Night & Favorite Pasta Recipe!

October 25, 2016

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One of our favorite things to do is host game night. Typically it involves taste testing a new beer, trying out a new recipe and playing some type of strategy game. The best kinds of recipes are ones that make a lot (can feed 4-6 people) and are easy to throw together. This past weekend I threw together a pasta bake with Barilla Rigatoni and Sauce, Galbani cheese, and Johnsonville sausage.

Johnsonville sausage is very flavorful and convenient, all the spices and flavors are built into Johnsonville Sausages – making recipe prep easy! Pair is with Barilla pasta, the number 1 pasta in Italy and Barilla sauce for a delicious dinner. My pasta bake would have also not been as delicious without Galbani mozerella cheese, the new packaging is wonderful and convenient, low moisture cylinder shaped “for shredding” which is more aligned today to current consumer usage and preference trends!

I grabbed all the ingredients needed at my local Stop & Shop, the perfect meal solution match!

Baked Sausage Rigatoni

1 Pkg of Johnsonville Sweet Sausage
1 Jar of Barilla sauce 
1 Box of Barilla Pasta (Rigatoni)
1 Galbani Mozerella Cheese (for shredding!)

1. Grill sausages for 10-12 minutes on grill (until fully cooked)
2. Cook pasta until it is al dante 
3. Layer suace, pasta, suasage, cheese- two times 
4. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes

Perfect, delicious, and simple! It made just the right amount for a couples game night of 4! Our favorite games to play are strategy ones, we love Catan, Coup, Pandemic, Anomia and Code Names. 

What are your favorite game night recipes & games?!

When you stop by your nearest Stop & Shop between 10/21-10/27 and purchase Barilla Pasta, Johnsonville Italian Sausage and Galbani Cheese, you’ll automatically save $3 at checkout with your store loyalty card! While supplies last.

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