Jennifer Blake: Hello, October.

Hello, October.

October 3, 2016

September was a whirlwind. We were not home for a single weekend, which made it fly by. We had a wedding, Reach the Beach and a trip to Colorado to visit my sister and nephew. We celebrated four years of marriage a few days ago and said goodbye to September with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. We welcomed October on Saturday with homemade chili and game night with friends, followed by apple picking today. Doesn't get any more Fall then apple picking and decorating the apartment with pumpkins and candles. We are hoping life slows down a bit in October, it is one of my most favorite months and I plan to soak up every day of it. We have no big weekend plans, although after looking at my calendar the days are filling fast. I have some photo sessions planned, a quick trip to North Conway at the end of the month for a half marathon and a few nights with friends planned.

I love the start of months because of a fresh calendar page, but I am always amazed how fast the days fill up.

Do you have a favorite month?

Happy October, friends.

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  1. Oh wow! It sounds like last month was incredibly busy for you. I can imagine slowing down a bit might be nice for October ♥ This is hands down my favorite month!


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