Jennifer Blake: Favorite Skin Care Products & Daily Routine

Favorite Skin Care Products & Daily Routine

November 15, 2016

I have always had problems wth my skin, growing up I struggled with acne and it didn't seem to matter what I used or how much I washed my face/didn't wash my face, I was constantly dealing with it. I thought as I got older it would just kind of go away, because adults don't have acne right? I was so wrong! Also, the magical bank account I thought all adults had also never came! But back to my skin, I can't even add up how much I have spent on skin care products and lines over the years. I would try and do anything to make it better, just to be able to walk around and not feel self-conscious about my face for once! I went on birth control to make it better, I went off birth control to make it better, I tried Roden and Fields, I tried Dermalogica, I tried so many different lines and some of them made it better for a while, but completely dried up my skin, some of them made it worse and some did nothing at all.

Then came Arbonne. A friend I went to high school with contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a sample, free sample? Sure what do I have to lose. Well friends, after 3 weeks of consistently using the RE9 line, I have never seen my face so clear! Sure I still get a few here and there, mostly when my monthly friend comes to visit, but it has done wonders for my face, without any side effects of drying it out! I was definitely reserved at first, the cost is a bit steep for me, but because the set is botanically based, a little goes a long way and the set will last me a while. After seeing how much it has done for me, it was completely worth the investment! I was also a little reserved about this line because it is technically an anti-aging line, so in my head I thought it would do nothing for acne, I was proven wrong again! I use them in the morning and at night before bed, the entire routine takes less then 5 mins, and leaves my skin smelling so good and feeling soft! The Arbonne RE9 line in combination with eating better has been such a wonderful gift to my skin.

I love all the Arbonne products I have tried, for the main reason they work well and smell great, but also because Arbonne's motto is pure, safe and beneficial, they work without wrecking havoc on your skin or body, they aren't filled with harmful chemicals, they are free of parabans, artificial dyes, and animal by-products, and they are pH balanced and fragrance free, so you can feel good about what you are putting on and in your body.

A few of my other favorite products that use are the FC5 intense hydration mask, exfoliating new cell scrub and the RE9 cellular renewal masque. These are 3 things I use probably every other week, the hydration mask is great for when I feel like my skin is dry and could use some love, especially in those winter months! The new cell scrub smells amazing and is a great exfoliator when I feel like I need something a little extra to wipe of the build up of makeup or dirt and the cellular repair masque helps turn over new cell growth and repair skin!

Lastly, I couldn't leave out my two go to products that I use every single day. The long story mascara and the pomegranate fizz sticks. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring two things these would be them. The mascara makes my lashes long without the clumping! If I forget to wash it off at night, I don't wake up in the morning with my eyes stuck together. The fizz sticks are what keep me powered through long days at work. These little guys are packed with flavor, provide energy for that early morning/mid day slump, and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Studies show that Fizz can help temporarily reduce fatigue and promote alertness and endurance. Each pack contains B vitamins and Chromium to help boost energy, along with caffeine dervived from botanical sources (green tea and guarana). The best part is that each stick boasts only 2g of sugar! A 12oz soda can contain up to 25g of sugar. They help you stay alert and provide you with a boost to get through your day without the crash, like coffee or soda. 

I am not a salesperson and I NEVER thought I would join the Arbonne business, but sharing my love for good products is one of my favorite things to do, so it wasn't hard to say yes to the business. 

Do you struggle with your skin? 

If you would like to try samples or find out more email me or leave a comment.

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