Jennifer Blake: taking photography from a hobby to a business

taking photography from a hobby to a business

November 29, 2016

I remember the day I bought my camera, it was after almost a whole year or research & saving. I remember getting it home and flipping through the manual for basic setup and then ditching the manual and diving right in. I am still learning every day something new about the business or about settings and poses, I hope I never stop learning, but I took the leap this past year to turn it from a hobby into a side business. I probably still take way too many pictures during a session then I need to, but I always want to make sure I get the perfect shot and you never know if it will be in the first frame you take of one pose or the 15th frame of the same pose. I am my toughest critic, every time I hit submit and send photos off to a family or couple I internally freak out, get filled with anxiety and feel like vomiting, but that feeling makes me continue to work harder and take the best pictures possible. I love being behind the lens and this past year I booked more sessions then ever. I work full time, plus I have this blog and Arbonne, so editing and finding time became harder, but it is not my time I charge for. I charge because it helps me improve the business, it helps me pay for classes, props, editing software, and new camera gear. So no, I do not charge much right now because it is my first year and it was a year to test the waters, but it allowed me to grow in a small way and hopefully the growth continues to happen.

So I thought I would share some recent work!

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