Jennifer Blake: 8 Reasons I Love/Hate Winter

8 Reasons I Love/Hate Winter

December 6, 2016

We had our first 'real' snowfall yesterday, like the snow that actually sticks and covers everything. I really do love the change of seasons in New England. Winter brings such magic & beauty. I love watching the trees turn white, I love wearing layers, I love staying inside and having an excuse to not leave the house. What I don't love is the anxiety I have driving in it, if you didn't know, I have crazy car anxiety, I don't mind driving in perfect sunny weather on routes that I know, but if I don't know the streets, if it is a big city, or if there is snow I have major anxiety, so I avoid it if at all possible.

I thought I would share my 8 favorite things about Winter with you.

Love - - - 
1 // The way fresh snow looks on the trees and houses, a beautiful white blanket of magic.
2 // Staying inside and not feeling guilty.
3 // Wearing layer upon layer to stay warm.
4 // Holding a hot beverage and having cup after cup of coffee to keep warm. 
Hate - - -
5 // Shoveling & cleaning off my car.
6 // Driving when the roads are slippery and icy.
7 // Lack of Vitamin D from not enough sunshine, definitely affects my mood! 
8 // Running is much harder and my motivation goes way down in the winter. 

 What do you love and hate about the winter?!

1 comment:

  1. I love hearing my 2 little boys wake up and say, "it's snowing!"
    I love bundling all of us up and going out to play in it!
    I love sitting in front of the fire, looking out the window at the snow.
    I do NOT like driving in it! ! Especially with the kids. Major anxiety
    That someone will stupidly crash into us.


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