Jennifer Blake: Wednesday Wellness: 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Morning

Wednesday Wellness: 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Morning

January 11, 2017

Wednesday wellness, is a weekly post to inspire, change, grow, educate, nourish and nurture you. 

New Year, New me  better me! I strive to be the best version of myself every single day, sometimes I do a great job and sometimes I fail miserably. The key is to never stop trying. I am a goal chaser and a dreamer, I truly believe there is magic in a new year, but it is just a change in the calendar, any day can be a day to start changing habits and chase those goals and dreams. Today I wanted to share 5 tips for jumpstarting your morning. I haven't always been a morning person, and sometimes I still am not one! There are days where I just want to lay in bed forever, that is just life, it ebbs and flows. However, I find myself most productive in the morning and I now I cherish my mornings with a hot cup of coffee and the quiet time. 
1. Wake up at the same time every single day. I change this depending on weekends and weekdays, but during the week I set my alarm for the same time, no matter if I get to go into work late or not. Consistency has helped build an internal alarm so I wake up normally before it goes off, but it has also helped me plan out my mornings. I know exactly how much time I have and then I plan my time accordingly.
2. Start the morning with something you love. Knowing that when I wake up I have a hot cup of coffee waiting for me to be brewed is one of the best feelings. It is a moment I look forward to every single morning when I get out of bed. It motivates me to get out from those warm covers. For you it might not be a coffee, but find one thing that gets you moving and is motivating!
3. Read something (and your Instagram and text messages don't count). I have a few tabs saved in my favorites on my computer, I keep them all happy for the most part. I always start with The Skimm, then I hit other articles from bustle, the New Yorker, Huffingtonpost, Lauren Conrad, or The Every Girl. I catch myself up on local and national news, the weather and then some fun reads, this always starts my morning off on a good foot and it makes me feel productive right from the start!
4. Prep the night before. I plan out as much of my day the night before. This includes picking out an outfit, deciding if I am going to shower the night before or in the morning, packing my lunch, getting my work bag together and leaving it by the door. Knowing I have a lot of the little things done not only gives me more time in the morning to drink my coffee slower and read more, but it clears up space in my mind because I know those things are done already!
5. Drink a glass of water. Water is good for so many reasons, when you wake up you are dehydrated, you went to bed about 8 hours ago (maybe 6 if you're me) and you went that long with no water. Your body is craving it, it helps flush out toxins, keep you hydrated and can wake you up! Grab a glass or two before you sip that delicious hot coffee!

What do you do to jumpstart your morning?

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