Jennifer Blake: weekend to-do

weekend to-do

January 6, 2017

Read //
This was one of the best things I read all week. It takes 5 minutes, do it. 12 rules for being beautifully human. Because everyone needs to know these.

The New Yorker killed it this week. I laughed so hard, a perfect pick-me-up when you need a good laugh.

If you don't try it will never happen. Not trying is worse than failing. You are good enough and you can do it. A little pep talk and reminder for you.

Watch // 
A motivational pep talk from a dad and son, don't give up on those goals. They nailed it.

Whine About It always makes me laugh. Reasons growing up is the worst, go watch and laugh. Also do it with wine in your hand.

I love the 73 questions series that Vogue does. I absolutely love Reese Witherspoon, so good.

Google did a year in review and it was wonderful!

Do //
Take a nap
Catch up on a tv show
Take a walk in the woods
Get dinner with a friend
Cook something new
Visit the Ice Castles

In case you missed it... 
I shared a wonderful company full of great products >>
I listed out my January intentions and New Years goals >>
I also shared my one little word for the year and why I chose it >>

Find anything worth sharing this week? Comment below so I can watch/read! 
What are your weekend plans?

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