Jennifer Blake: weekend to-do

weekend to-do

January 27, 2017

Read //
I laughed a lot reading weird things that make you anxious, especially the introduction one.
I found this extremely interesting, did you know your net worth is more important than your income?
The people you surround yourself with either lift you higher or bring you down, a great read about those that you are around.
Politics is all over the place and can definitely be confusing, this was a great summary of what actually happened with the Affordable Care Act and Trump's orders.

Watch // 
Aziz Ansari nailed it on Saturday Night Live last weekend after the Trump Inauguration.
I am so excited for the release of Beauty and the Beast, if you haven't seen the trailer you should.
Some of the best sign from the Women's Marches from around the country- this one takes a little more work than just watching but clicking through is worth it! #knope2020
I haven't seen it yet, but it is on my weekend list. Divided States of America is a 2 part series on PBS and it is supposed to be good, check out the quick preview!

Do //
Finally watch the season finale of Sherlock
Create one thing
Curl up with a book and a hot cup of tea
Clean out a cluttered closet
One random act of kindness, because the world needs more kindness

In case you missed it...
I talked about my love/hate relationship with New England this week and had a wonderful guest post on Resolutions and Self-Compassion in the New Year. 

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  1. OK I seriously need to start reading again.
    I have been a major bookworm since I was
    Austins age. I need some good book ideas!
    I love every type of book except scary.
    The last great book I read was "back to normal"
    All about over diagnosis of ASD and ADD.
    I need more great reads.. Romance, non fiction,
    Whatever. At night (the only time to myself)
    I tend to get on Facebook or emails.
    I would rather read. Please suggest any
    Good books. Thanks Jenn


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