Jennifer Blake: Business with Passion: Harry's

Business with Passion: Harry's

February 9, 2017

There are millions and millions of businesses out there. Some care simply about profit, while others truly care about their customers and their product. I love shopping small at local markets, local business' and on Esty. I also love shopping with companies that truly make wonderful products and put their customers first. I was contacted by Harry's razors to try out their products, I immediately said "yes!" because after watching a video all about them, I loved what they stood for. Aaron and I have certainly over paid for razors, razors that don't last long and honestly don't always work that great. I have also been using a mens razor for at least 5 years, because I swear they work better. I was gladly willing to try a new brand, one that is not over priced and has strong company values. 

Seriously, go watch their video. 

Aaron and I tested out two of their razors for over a week and we both will continue to use them. Aaron tried out the Winston, a sleek silver razor. He usually uses an electric razor and said that standard razors take too long and don't give as clean a shave, but after trying Harry's he feels differently! It was all of five minutes before he was done and he was very pleased with the final result. He also loved the way the foaming shave gel and aftershave smelled. 

I tried out the Truman which is made for the shower, the handle is rubber so it is easy to grip when you hands are wet and soapy. Made with 5 German blades and a flex hinge, I couldn't have asked for smoother legs.

And one of my favorite parts about Harry's? Well each blade is less than $2, which is a steal when you think about what you pay for other razor blade refills. Also, you can sign up for a shave plan and have them shipped directly to your doorstep, hassle free!

Have you tried Harry's? 

products were c/o Harry's but all opinions are my own. 

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