Jennifer Blake: Weekend to-do

Weekend to-do

February 10, 2017

Read //
"Nevertheless she persisted." From insult to rally cry. This is an extremely challenge time for our country. Did you miss what happened this week? Oh and this, a must read.

Loving someone who overthinks. "They can’t help how their brain is programmed to process life. They can’t help the thoughts that poke and prod them until they need to explode."

Why setting boundaries is so important. I am a people pleaser and I hate saying no, but I am learning, because time is valuable.

Watch //
Creating warm, welcoming homes for families leaving homeless shelters, I shed tears during this one. In a time of such turmoil, it is a nice reminder that their are incredible people in this world.

I really think SNL is going to have a killer season because of all the insane things that are happening with Trump as president- Melissa McCarthy nailed it as Sean Spicer.

It really doesn't ever get better than Ellen. Her segment on the travel ban was hilarious and so meaningful & a little older but she killed it when talking about what makes America great.

Do //
Watch the season finale of Sherlock, finally.
Start the new Lemony Snicket series on Netflix.
Start & finish January project life spread.
Create one thing.
Read a little bit each day.
Nap on the couch while the snow falls all weekend.

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