Jennifer Blake: 19 week bumpdate

19 week bumpdate

April 9, 2017

size of the baby: 19 weeks, size of an mango, 5.98 inches and 8.50 ounces
total weight gain: 8 pounds
gender: Unknown, I have a feeling it is a girl! We find out next Monday!
maternity clothes: I have been wearing a few maternity shirts here and there, my old ones are getting a little short. I am still wearing my regular jeans but using the good old hair tie trick or this lovely little band.
movement: I keep feeling a really hard spot and then when I press a little it moves, I am convinced this is baby!
sleep: Sleeping okay, I have been waking up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. I have also had a head cold which has been making it even harder to sleep.craving: I have been really hungry the past few weeks, no specific cravings but still loving frozen lemonade, regular lemonade, and fruit!
symptoms: hunger, super emotional and growing pains (round ligament pain!)
Aaron is: busy! He has had quite a few plans lately which means we haven't been doing to much together, I am looking for a date night soon, when we have some time!
looking forward to: finding out the gender of this sweet babe!
best moment: just laying at night with my hand on my stomach see if I feel any sweet baby kicks!

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