Jennifer Blake: April Goals & 100 Day Project

April Goals & 100 Day Project

April 4, 2017

Spring is finally here but it doesn't quite feel like it! We got hit with another 10 inches of heavy wet snow on Saturday, followed by two warm 50 degree days. I can't take much more of this weather, I need more sun and I need it to be warm for longer than just two days. With the cold temperatures and still seeing snow on the ground, I am trying to find glimpses of Spring anywhere I can. Sometimes it means buying a $3 dozen of tulips or getting outside every chance I can when the sun is out. Spring is such a period of renewal for everything and it definitely gets me more motivated to write and capture our days. The last few months I feel like I have been so busy and just trying to keep my head above water, so all and any goals got thrown out the window, but now that we are a little more settled and finding a routine it is a great time to set some small monthly goals!

I have also always wanted to participate in the 100 day project, it starts today and runs until June 12th! I would love to create something physically everyday, but I just know with work and other commitments that won't happen so I was inspired by Elise to do 100 days of pep talks, you can find your daily dose of pep on my Instagram everyday! I also might try doing some hand lettering everyday, but I might not share that as often. I feel like I have been lacking in the creativity department lately, my brain can only hold so much and the baby seems to be turning it to mush even more, so I am very excited to spark some creativity and join in with this project!

Did you set goals for April or are you joining the 100 day project? 

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