Jennifer Blake: Currently: April

Currently: April

April 11, 2017

loving this warm weather, yesterday was 77 and today is supposed to be 80! Finally time to say goodbye to Winter!

anticipating Next Monday, we will get to find out the sex of the baby! 

laughing 30 Rock. We have tried so many times to watch it and we are finally hooked! 

reading Great with Child and Chasing Slow, both are so good.
enjoying lemonade & frozen lemonade. 

eating fruit and ice cream! 

thinking about everything we need to get done before the baby, we are almost half way there! Also, about saving every single penny we can so we can have a house by August! 

creating stock photos! If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you should! The first one will go out next week with some free stock photos. 

excited for the warm weather and summer. Grilling out and slow sunny nights are my favorite. 

wishing that house hunting and financing for housing was easier. 

working hard on building up my photography, blog and Arbonne. It is never easy putting yourself out there! 

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