Jennifer Blake: Thursday Top 5: Two Player Board Games

Thursday Top 5: Two Player Board Games

April 6, 2017

1. Lanterns: All about matching colors and gaining lantern cards. Players gain honor by dedicating sets of lantern cards to earn points. The game changes every time it is played which I love, because tiles are always placed differently, which changes the game. This game takes strategy but is simple to learn and play, a perfect combination. 

2. Sushi Go: This game has recently become my favorite, there are two versions, the card version which is perfect for two players and the party version which is the same game but has additional cards and allows more people to play. You look to collect the most types of sushi to gain the most points, you play three rounds and calculate all your points from the rounds to have the highest amount at the end, the one with the highest points wins. Sushi Go is a quick game and can be a bit confusing at first, but once you play a round it is easy to pick up on! Another game that always changes and requires both strategy and working memory, especially if you play with more than 2 people. 

3. Jaipur: A game about buying goods, collecting and selling camels, and trying to gain the most points based on number of goods sold. Another quick game played with up to three rounds and the directions sound more confusing than they really are. This game changes each time and requires both strategy and  trickery. 

4. Patchwork: Patchwork sounded terrible when we first looked at it, but it is addicting and so much fun. You build a quilt (I know I know, sounds terrible) with pieces that you buy using buttons. Every time you pass a button space on the board you get to collect the number you currently have on your quilt, the more you have the bigger pieces you can buy. This game is also like Tetris you are trying to fill the most spaces on your board before you run out of time (your game board piece reaches the end of the board). At the end of the game each space not filled on your board is two points, you add up all your points and then subtract them from the buttons you have left, this means you can end with negative points, the goal is to beat your partner. The pieces are always laid out differently, so the game changes each time, and this game can only be played with two people. 

5. Catan Dice: A quicker version of Settlers of Catan but with the same skill to buy and build. This is the perfect travel version and can be played with more than 2 people. You roll the dice to see what you get to work with for resources and what you can buy/build, then you cross off things on the paper and try to get the most victory points in a certain number of turns.

I never thought I would be a big game person and sometimes I need to keep an open mind when A brings a new game home, I usually end up enjoying them. I never knew there were so many types of games apart from Life and Monopoly, but it has been fun to build up our little game collection. 

What are your favorite games? 

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