Jennifer Blake: Wednesday Wellness: Books You Should Read

Wednesday Wellness: Books You Should Read

April 5, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good book, I love fiction but I also love learning something new or interesting. The books above are my five favorite wellness books, each about something completely different, each probably have advice that clashes with another, but all of them have good takeaways.

1 // Pretty Happy: Ways to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson: I love Kate Hudson, she is gorgeous inside and out and seems relatively down to earth. Her book is all about - cultivating an intuitive relationship with your body, eating well, awakening your body through movement and the miracle of mindfullness. This is a great book for making life changes not just diet changes that tend to not stick around long term! 

2 // Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe: I first came across Liz through her blog which intrigued me, I was very interested in learning more about Paleo and eating more whole beneficial foods that keep you fuller longer. Then I learned about her book, it has SO many interesting facts about how certain foods effect your body and was truly fascinating to read. 

3 // Eat Pretty Every Day: 365 Daily Inspirations for nourishing beauty inside and out by Jolene Hart: I am still currently reading this, but what I love is that it has a small excerpt for each and every day, the book starts with Spring and brings you through each season. You only read one small tip per day which makes it an easy read and it has tips that are very practical to start implementing or changing things up in your daily health and beauty routine. 

4 // Food Rules by Michael Pollan: This book is all about eating wisely, it is beautifully illustrated and made so simple. Eating healthy and wholesome does not have to be complicated and Micheal Pollan does an incredible job of breaking it down into simple, easy rules to implement into your everyday. 

5 // The Honest Life by Jessica Alba: Jessica Alba is one of my favorite people. I adore Honest company and already use multiple products that they sell. This book is primarily family focused with a lot of information for healthy pregnancy and raising healthy children. I love that this book is more of a guide, it has information on ways to make your home more green, healthy recipes, and so much more. This is one of my all time favorite books to turn to. I have read it cover to cover at least twice and go back to it frequently. 

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