Jennifer Blake: 5 ways to get more out of your day

5 ways to get more out of your day

May 30, 2017

1. Pick 3 actionable items a day // During the work week I tend to always set myself up for failure, I put too many daily items on my to-do list and never get to about half of them, which leaves me feeling disappointed and like I do not have my sh*t together. I learned that I most likely end up getting 3-4 things done a night after work with how tired I am, so I started writing down only 3 actionable items to do nightly and I am having much more success! I can only imagine getting my to-do lists completed will get harder once a baby is here.

2. Outsource tasks // There are just some tasks that you do not need to do! Why not find someone to do them for you and make your daily to-do list shorter. A perfect example is...
Phil is a prescription service that makes it so you do not have to call in your prescription and go pick it up.
  • They deliver refills right to your door on time, never wait in line for a prescription again.
  • They troubleshoot your insurance an renew refills for you- no more phone tag! 
  • Schedule your refills on your terms. 
  • Manage medications for the entire family! 

Phil partners with top-rated, locally-owned pharmacies that are licensed by the Pharmacy Board. These pharmacies will deliver your medications to you on time, answer any questions over the phone, and most importantly, deal with the heavy-lifting of interacting with doctors and insurance so you don't have to sweat it. You are able to refill on your own terms by scheduling when your medications arrive, ordering vacation refills etc. Phil is a new service that is quickly expanding to service all 50 states.

Phil guarantees your copay will be the same as what you pay at your current pharmacy. Some rare exceptions may apply; in those cases Phil will contact you for approval. Most insurance plans are accepted. If you don’t have insurance, Phil partner pharmacies will quote you the lowest price they can obtain for you. Delivery is always free.
 Phil makes it so much easier to outsource a task that ends up on my to-do list frequently and it also makes it so that I do not run out of my inhaler! I cannot tell you how many times I am about to head out the door for a run and I realize my inhaler is empty...much less likely to happen with someone else managing my prescriptions! Between house buying, getting ready for a baby and just daily life I am always looking for ways to simplify, this will only become much more true once baby girl is here!

For first-time customers, Phil will pay up to $20 off your insurance copay, or $20 off the cost of the medication if you are uninsured, while supplies last.

Why not start outsourcing some of your tasks?!

3. Make a list and prioritize // This relates back to number 1, when you make a list of items that need to be done each day- prioritize them! Put the most important at the top, followed by ones that are okay waiting for another day. Another way I love to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed is by designating certain days for things, I try to get the laundry done for the week on the weekends, we always spend some time on Sunday or Monday meal prepping for the week and I try to break up cleaning tasks so that I do not have to spend a whole day cleaning.

4. Carve out time for self-care // This is a big one, it is so important that while you are busy doing with your daily grind that you have something small to look forward to, or something that starts your day off on a good foot. This makes doing all the other tasks better! Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others and everything else you have going on. You are important.

5. Do the biggest item on your list first thing in the morning // I always try to get something big done before work. Whether this is getting the bills paid first thing in the morning, finishing a blog post scheduled to go out later in the week, or something else. I always feel most productive in the morning and if I can get one thing crossed off my list it sets such a positive vibe for the rest of the day ahead and leaves me feeling motivated.

What do you do to maximize the day and get the most out of it?

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Phil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PhilRx

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