Jennifer Blake: Week 22 Bumpdate

Week 22 Bumpdate

May 1, 2017

size of the baby: 22 weeks, size of a endive, 10.9 inches and 15.1 ounces.

total weight gain: 9 pounds

gender: GIRL! We are so excited to know the gender finally, our little stubborn girl cooperated last week! 

maternity clothes: I have been sticking with leggings and the same 4 shirts, as well as starting to break out some dresses and maxi skirts. If the weather would only stay warm!

movement: I feel like she goes through spurts of moving, but overall she is most active when I lay down. 

sleep: I have been waking up super early, but overall I have been sleeping well.

symptoms: quick movements seem to be painful and the leg cramps at night are rough, but other than that I feel great.

Aaron is: working hard to find us a house! The market is so dry for buyers right now, send some good vibes our way that we find something this summer before the baby comes!

looking forward to: enjoying every moment of this pregnancy, trying to soak it all in because it is flying by.  

best moment: being able to share the baby kicks with Aaron. 

Have you gone through the house buying process before?? 

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