Jennifer Blake: bumpdate: week 27, 28 & 29

bumpdate: week 27, 28 & 29

June 19, 2017

size of the baby: 27 weeks, size of a yellow turnip, 14.4 inches and 1.93 pounds.
total weight gain: 14 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: The warm weather is here to stay, I have about 3 dresses and 1 pair of shorts in rotation. I need to add a few more pieces to get through summer!
movement: I think she has had the hiccups a few times, the twitches are different than kicks! She is also kicking a lot harder now.
Aaron is: Still as calm as ever. He is definitely the calm to my crazy.
craving: Citrus, any fruits, water, and lately old fashioned donuts have been delicious!
looking forward to: Getting through the next few busy weekends and then some down time. We have been so busy lately and I could use a weekend to do nothing!
best moment: hearing her heartbeat more frequently since we are now going to the doctor every 2 weeks! Also knowing I passed my glucose test!
sleep: Getting harder and harder. I wake up a lot now to go to the bathroom and she kicks me so hard when I lay on my side.  
symptoms: She is starting to feel heavier and heavier, lots of pelvic pain walking around. I have been getting so many leg cramps at night, they hurt so bad. All of it is so worth it though!

size of the baby: 28 weeks, size of an eggplant, 14.8 inches and 2.20 pounds.
total weight gain: 16 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Still rotating the same few pieces. As soon as I get home from work though I throw on gym shorts and one of Aaron's t-shirts or a sports bra, comfier and cooler with all this heat!
movement: Hard and frequent kicks. I have been carrying really low, but this past week she moved up a lot and found my ribs!
Aaron is: the best. He has been a peach dealing with my frequent emotional changes!
craving: We went out for waffles and I had the most amazing cinnamon roll one, now its all I can think about!
looking forward to: Our doctors appointment next week. I love hearing her heartbeat.
best moment: Playing in our first family golf outing! I mean she obviously doesn't know what we are doing but getting to bring her along for the ride with Aaron was fun and I found out 18 holes is too much at 28 weeks! She brought me some good luck thought! We also sent out baby shower invitations which makes it feel so real!
sleep: I sleep a few hours at a time, between leg cramps, having to go to the bathroom and her kicking me whenever I lay on my side, sleep is getting harder!   
symptoms: I welcomed the third trimester this week which brought more acid reflux, leg cramps and pelvic pain. I also get full really fast so smaller meals have settled a little better. Swollen feet and hands from the heat has also started! 

size of the baby: 29 weeks, size of an acorn squash, 15.2 inches and 2.54 pounds.
total weight gain: 16.5 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Still rotating the same outfits, but I did finally get a maternity bra and it has been wonderful!
movement: She is very active, especially after a cold drink of when I lay down to go to sleep. She is moving all over my stomach and it feels like she is doing flips.
Aaron is: calm as ever. He came with me to my 29 week appointment so we both got to hear the heartbeat.
craving: Anything cold, ice water, popsicles, ice cream, Italian ice...
looking forward to: Our next appointment and our baby shower!
best moment: hearing her heartbeat
sleep: On and off! If I force myself to stay up late, then sleep tends to go better.
symptoms: Just feeling heavy and achy. Some nausea if I eat too much or if my stomach is empty and heart burn!

I try to post these weekly, but between weddings and just being busy I keep putting it off! So if you survived three weeks of updates in a row, hooray! 


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