Jennifer Blake: bumpdate: week 30

bumpdate: week 30

June 26, 2017

size of the baby: 30 weeks, size of a yellow turnip, 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds.

total weight gain: 16 pounds

gender: GIRL!

maternity clothes: I finally caved and bough a pair of shorts from Target and a pair of leggings. Hoping what I have will get me through!

movement: She is constantly in motion, moving from high to low and loves to stretch out from one side of my ribcage until the other. 

Aaron is: Pushing me to get some things done that we need to do...register for a birthing class and go tour the hospital. He has been so busy with house stuff too, hopefully we get to close on the 14th!

craving: Popsicles, muffins, and just this morning ribs sounded amazing! 

looking forward to: Our baby shower, only a few weeks away! I also just can't stop thinking about what she is going to look like and her little personality. 

symptoms: Mostly just heavy and anxious. Acid reflux is still around and the terrible leg cramps! Just general growing pains! Overall, I feel really good and love being able to carry her around with me everywhere I go. 

sleep: I am not sleeping well, a few hours in a row here and there, but always up early. The good news is I am pretty good at functioning off little sleep, so I still feel good :)

I cannot believe that we have less than 10 weeks to go! Time is flying. 

Okay mama's, give me all your tips for postpartum recovery!?

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