Jennifer Blake: bumpdate: week 33 & 34

bumpdate: week 33 & 34

August 2, 2017

size of the baby: 33 weeks, size of a bundle of celery, 17.2 inches and 4.19 pounds
total weight gain: 20 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: mostly shorts, leggings and stretchy tank tops with a few dresses thrown into the mix. It has been very humid lately so light and airy clothing has been best!
movement: Still pretty active, loves to lay side ways in the "lazy boy" position and doesn't seem like she wants to turn!
Aaron is: moving all the boxes and heavy items since I can't lift them! Also, dealing with me complaining about being uncomfortable (which I try to not do to often)!
craving: I still really really want BBQ ribs.
looking forward to: Our baby shower, which is a week away!
symptoms: achy, stiff, and heavy.
sleep: I am waking up a lot more to go to the bathroom and just because I can't get comfortable, but I still feel like I have a good amount of energy. 

size of the baby: 34 weeks, size of a bundle of a butternut squash, 17.7 inches and 4.63 pounds
total weight gain: 21 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: dresses! Too hot for anything else lately. I got the most lovely clothes from Bun Maternity to try out for nursing, which I am excited for!
movement: Kicking my ribs a lot more and just taking up a lot more space. She is still in the same position and seems intent on staying.
Aaron is: trying to get us all settled in before she comes. Our house is still a mess, we have so much to unpack and so much to clean still.
craving: I still really really want BBQ ribs but I have also been loving peaches lately.
looking forward to: Our baby shower was everything I could have hoped for and now I am looking forward to getting her nursery set up and meeting her!
symptoms: really sore and having a harder time finding positions that are comfy to sit in or lay down in.
sleep: I am not sleeping well, waking up every hour on the hour, but I don't feel completely exhausted which is good! Maybe it is just my brain and body preparing me for lack of sleep once the babe is here! 

6 more weeks to go. The countdown is on! 

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